Keratin Hair Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment now available at DLS

You can now have smoother, straighter, healthier hair in a single treatment that lasts up to four months! This FORMALDEHYDE FREE treatment has revolutionized the beauty industry. Great for weak, damaged, frizzy and difficult to manage hair. Restores hair to a healthy state and helps lock in color.

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Quite frankly, this is the best thing I've ever done for my hair. For the first time in my life I can wash, blow dry and go!

- Julie Storti

I am thrilled with the results from my Keratin Complex Treatment. My hair is naturally frizzy/curly and always took me an hour or more to get under control. I always had to worry about the weather as whatever hairstyle I achieved could be ruined by high humidity or precipitation. Since my Keratin Complex Treatment, I spend no more than ten minutes getting my hair to look great. It is always shiny and smooth and has never felt or looked so healthy and soft. I would recommend this treatment to everyone!

- Lisa Romaniuk

I can't believe I finally have the hair I have always wanted! This treatment is fantastic. After years of damaging my hair with different "ionic" straightening chemical treatments, this is the ultimate non damaging solution! Now I can live my life, not live my life around spending time fighting with my hair.

- Alison Shanahan

I love this treatment! Not only does it make drying may hair a snap, it has locked in my color.

- Wendy Kelly